Hillary Clinton Becomes The Democratic Presidential Nominee


Hillary Clinton finally became the party nominee pushing aside Bernie Sanders. The latter was forced to resign from the competition after Donald Trump became the Republican nominee. But she promised to fight. Meanwhile, Clinton captured a commanding position during the delegate count. Though, the party unity is on tenterhooks with the clash between the Sanders’ supporters and the officials that happened at the Nevada convention. The supporters of Bernie shouted at the party official with the party chairperson receiving death threats later.


Clinton however insisted that the Democratic nomination was on the basis of delegate math but it would do nothing to suppress the growing resentment in the Sanders camp. The senator from Vermont sais that there is every possible chance to win the nominations and he would fight till the last. Such claims were ignored by Clinton. She is taking them head on and is focusing on her contest with Donald Trump.

Over the following weeks she will focus on attacking the Republican candidate including revealing some charges on what would it mean if he is sent to the Oval Office. She is hoping that a campaign revolving around the national security aspect could give her an opportunity to win the hearts of the independents and some moderate Republicans.

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