Car Accident Lawyers – Common Injuries Suffered In Accidents

Thousands of people sustain injuries from car accidents on a yearly basis throughout Texas. No two accidents are the same and neither are the injuries that can be incurred. Still, there are several common car accident injuries that can exist in any given auto accident.

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Ambulance and emergency equipment at a motor vehicle accident at night

Depending on the nature and severity of the crash, individuals who are involved in automobile accidents can suffer internal and external injuries to practically any part of their bodies. Unfortunately, those who suffer from common car accident injuries can be faced with financial burdens that linger for years. That said, a skilled attorney can work to ensure that those who have been injured receive just compensation. Click here @
Anyone who has been injured in a motor vehicle accident or has lost a loved one due to an auto accident should contact a Texas car accident lawyer immediately to preserve his or her rights. Call us today.

Injuries That Are Common To Car Accidents

The types of injuries that a person might suffer after an accident can range from small cuts and bruises to more serious permanent injuries that can disrupt a person’s ability to maintain employment. Some of the common car accident injuries are:

Brain injuries: The amount of force that the brain might be subjected to during a vehicle accident is phenomenal. Brain injuries typically occur due to extreme backward and forward movements or result from a person’s head hitting the steering wheel or some other part of the vehicle. Some may suffer concussions or even slip into comas after suffering a brain injury.
Fatal car accidents: Sadly, many people lose their lives in automobile accidents. Some of the leading factors that can lead to fatal accidents include speeding, drunk driving and distracted driving. Drivers who operate motor vehicles irresponsibly must be held accountable for their actions.
Back injuries: Anyone who has sustained a back injury during a motor vehicle accident should not attempt to move on his or her own. Back injuries can be very serious, depending on the nature of the accident; therefore, medical attention should be sought right away.
Neck injuries: Common car accident injuries can also include neck injuries such as neck sprains and strains and/or pinched nerves. Sudden vehicle impact can also cause whiplash, particularly if the accident was a rear-end collision. Neck injuries can mean severe pain and stiffness for an accident victim.
Head and face injuries: Head and face injuries can range from mild to severe. Such injuries can occur as a result of impact with the vehicle’s dashboard, side window or shattered glass. Individuals with such injuries might have lacerations, facial fractures and major jaw and dental injuries.
Those who are involved in auto accidents might also experience broken bones, as well as a psychological injury such as post-traumatic stress disorder. More here @

Insurance Companies Often Contest Common Car Accident Injuries

Many accident victims are concerned with obtaining the medical care that they need so that they can make a full recovery, go back to work and continue on with their normal lives. However, there are times when insurance companies attempt to get injured victims to settle for far less than they deserve. Insurance adjusters won’t hesitate to challenge the validity of a claim and the extent of a person’s injuries.

A car accident injury of any kind can change one’s life in an instant. Anyone who has suffered an injury or lost a loved one in a motor vehicle accident is strongly encouraged to call a knowledgeable accident lawyer at our firm today to schedule a consultation.

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